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Mamre Mind Odyssey was held on Saturday 2nd May, with 52 students having a great day here at school. Mamre Mind Odyssey is an exciting enrichment program, designed to challenge and extend Gifted and Talented students from all school systems. Courses were specifically designed and delivered by qualified teachers, industry professionals and experienced instructors; to achieve academic enrichment of all students.
The students involved were from many different schools, across Years 1 to 8, and enrolled in such courses as Kitchen Science, Solving Mysteries, Investigating Fun Facts, CSI: Super Sleuths, Stop Motion Animation and Drama Antics.
The students had a fantastic day investigating crime scenes, solving mysteries, conducting science experiments and then eating them, creating digital animations, captivating an audience with drama antics, and investigating and questioning many science concepts that we take for granted.
Thank you to the staff who assisted with this event and providing both enjoyable and enriching courses for the day that really helped extend and enrich the students involved.
Mrs Amanda Clark

Academic Learning Coordinator