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Our school offers a Christian perspective in all teaching programs within the context of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) curricula. The School provides programs in all Key Learning Areas from Kindergarten to Year 12. The School concentrates on the fundamentals of a good education: literacy and numeracy, because they are foundational to all learning.

Over the last four years Mamre has grown rapidly.

The policy of the School is to develop full classes and then break them down into smaller groups which then make room for further growth. Where classes are in need of additional support, either because of numbers or the particular needs of students, we are in the habit of providing additional aides in the classroom. Essentially the School is still on a path of growth so that the actual number in a class cannot be stipulated until that growth is complete. Finally our policy ensures that, with additional support, no child is left to their own devices.

The School endeavours to foster in all students an appreciation of the creative arts. Consequently Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama are taught to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. From Year 3 all students learn a musical instrument. Visiting music tutors provide tuition in a variety of instruments.

The School is a member of the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA). Students are given the opportunity to represent the School in a number of team sports and in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country. In addition, each student from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 10 participates regularly in Physical Education lessons.