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Mamre Anglican School provides After School Care mainly for primary school aged children, from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year Six, with students from the Senior School more than welcome to be involved.

The purpose of this program is to provide a safe and caring after school environment for all students to help support the children’s parents.

OSH Club provides a high quality service that accommodates to each child individually. OSH Club is based on site in a class room where the children will have free play until 3.30pm when all the children have arrived and then have afternoon tea. Our afternoon tea contains a fruit and veg platter of 3 fruits and 2 vegetables every day as well as some snacks such as; sandwiches, rice crackers, yogurt etc. Afternoon tea is also used as a time to get to know each other as well as to go through our programs rules.

After afternoon tea we will then move onto our programmed experiences.

We offer a stimulating program within a Christian setting where we strive towards catering to the children’s interests and educational needs.

We provide indoor and outdoor experiences on a daily basis that are fun and challenging.

Our indoor and outdoor activities are intentionally planned, yet our program is flexible for needed changes. Supervision of homework is part of the afternoon’s program.

Our program provides opportunities for the children to grow and develop life skills and encourages and assists in building new friendships. We provide team bonding experiences where the children learn to work together and express great sportsmanship towards their peers.

We are aware of after school sports that are provided at Mamre Anglican School. We put afternoon tea aside for those children who participate in those sports for when they return to OSH Club after those sports have finished. The children are always welcome to come join OSH Club until their parents arrive for pick up as our operation times are 3.15pm – 6.00pm.

To enrol and book your children into OSH Club please visit: OSH Club website